Bright red Casio G-Shock


Red Casio G-shock watch in nearly new condition



I found this gem in a box of otherwise mediocre watches I bought at auction on another site.   I don’t know much about the brand but know it has a huge fan base, so decided it would be perfect as the first item I put up for auction here.   The watch is working and in near perfect condition, and all chronograph functions seem to be working properly: stopwatch, count-down timer, alarm, etc.  The hands will advance when the time is set, the day-o-week dial works, and the movement contains the full Casio “world time” settings.  The display is a “reverse LCD”  which can make it harder to read, but this was likely done that way by the designer to emphasize this watch’s overall “redness.”     This watch is offered with low shipping, no reserve, and no minimum.   Happy bidding.


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